31Svn Street Dance Crew

31Svn Street Dance Crew
Company or Ensemble Type: Professional
Dance Styles: Breakin, Hip Hop, Other, Poppin
Company Contact Name: Keegan "Seoul" Loye
Company Contact Info:


31Svn (3-1-7) Street Dance Academy believes in empowering students of all ages by using HipHop’s “In the now” Mentality and it’s core principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and having Fun to pass down their knowledge through the art of Street Dance.

Through our own experiences in HipHop culture, we have come to learn that the various styles of street dance and all the elements of HipHop carry life lessons to learned about patience, drive, dedication, and originality. We have found our voices through the art of this dance, and are here to help guide you in your journey from the foundations to the cyphers and battles.

HipHop Culture is one of the most popular subcultures of today and has influenced millions of people across the world. We believe in celebrating and passing down its original dance form, Breakin.

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