Ballet INitiative

Ballet INitiative
Company or Ensemble Type: Professional
Dance Styles: Ballet, Contemporary
Company Contact Info:

Ballet INitiative is a project-based dance collective including multiple styles with roots in ballet serving the greater Indianapolis area founded in 2020 by five local dancers. With our revitalized performances, such as our feminist 1920s Nutcracker and Happy Hour series, we take the art of ballet and modernize it to reflect today’s social climate and public interests. Ballet INitiative’s main goal is making the typical professional dance workplace a positive, updated, and artist-driven environment. We are a safe space for dancers and artists in need of a home, and collaborate often with other local Indianapolis dancers, musicians, photographers, visual artists, and actors.

Ballet INitiative is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit, we uphold our mission by giving back to the community and it’s artists. As a result of our work, we will give the greater-Indianapolis community and its artists a welcoming and updated dance experience, opportunity, and platform.

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